Cathy Kottwitz of Guiderock Commercial Realty

Cathy Kottwitz of Guide Rock Commercial RealtyCathy Kottwitz can attribute her interest in commercial real estate to a class she took in college.

It was a Nebraska Wesleyan class on urban design, which made Cathy realize that she had an interest in how communities evolved. She took more classes about zoning laws and economic development and eventually was hired by an acquaintance, commercial real estate agent Bennie McCombs.

It was on that job that Cathy learned about site development and construction, thought she admits “I was as green as green could be.”

After seven years working on commercial properties with McCombs she took a job commuting from Lincoln to Omaha with World Group doing property management. Following that job, she moved to a brokerage role at Greenleaf Properties in Lincoln, where she stayed for two years.

In time Cathy had an itch to do real estate differently, and she felt she needed to go in a different direction. This feeling persuaded her to start her own company, Guiderock Commercial Realty LLC. Doing so, she admits, was terrifying.

But her shift is working out well. She has office space downtown, and she stays busy helping clients look for property to buy or rent, making market assessments and negotiating contracts. She prides herself on the ability to find properties for clients before they hit the market.

Cathy describes herself as an analytical person who loves crunching numbers. It is the research part of her job that she loves most.

In her non-working hours, Cathy is studying to get her MBA degree and also enjoys reading. She can be found at

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