Adam Roberts of First American Payment Systems

Adam Roberts’ dream was to become a music star in Nashville. But after living in Nashville for awhile and seeing the toll it would take on his family, he changed his plans.

NowAdam Roberts of First American Payment Systems Adam is Lincoln regional manager for First American Payment Systems – a position he has held for 10 years.

Adam started his career in a family business that manufactured power systems in Denver. From there he moved to a freight company and worked in sales for two years. He had been pursuing music on the side with his band and got a chance with the freight company to transfer to Nashville.

The band dissolved when Adam moved to Nashville and he set out to make it as a solo artist. He played a variety of gigs, including some at the famed Blue Bird Café. He and his wife Melissa had just had a son, and Adam decided he no longer wanted the stress of a music career, which was proving to be a difficult challenge.

“Everyone and their dog in Nashville played guitar, and the dogs were pretty good,” he said.

After  1 ½ years in Nashville, they decided to move to Lincoln, where Melissa was from. Adam knew that he enjoyed sales, so he took a job with a credit card processing company and started making cold calls. Within three months he felt the company was making some less-than-reputable actions, so he started First American.

First American now has several hundred customers – a variety of small to large businesses. He is proud that his company can offer processing rates of less than 1 percent while other companies such as Square and PayPal are much higher. He also points out that his customers can talk to him – not someone in another state or another country. His customer service is first rate.

Adam still sings – in church. Also in his spare time he lifts weights at the YMCA and plays golf. He and Melissa have three children – Sam, 11, Anna, 9 and Will, 5.

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