Ryan Onstad of ALLO Lincoln

Ryan Onstad of AlloWhen Ryan Onstad was offered a job that would have him knocking on doors, he ran the other way.

Ryan was doing sales for a roofing company and decided he hated sales. He wanted to do something else, saying he would clean floors if the pay was right.

He soon got a call from a representative of Allo who knew Ryan had lots of potential as a sales rep for the new Internet company. When told that the job would entail going door to door, “I hung up the phone.”

Ryan’s trusted friend and mentor, Dave Bonicatto, encouraged him to rethink the offer. Dave told him that he had to think of himself not as a door-to-door salesman but rather someone delivering important information to the community. So Ryan called the Allo rep back and accepted the job, and he’s been knocking on doors ever since.

He started last October, and on one of his first days he knocked on 40 doors in the pouring rain and signed one person up for Allo service. His thought was “this job sucks.” The next day he sold the service to eight, which led him to believe he could make a go of this type of work.

Through it all, Ryan has come to believe that hard work beats talent anytime. He knocks on more doors than any of Allo’s seven other sales agents, and he has signed up hundreds of Lincoln residents for Allo’s high speed Internet service, as well as some for TV and phone service. He works Monday through Saturday, starting his door knocking at about 10 a.m. and not stopping until 8 p.m.

While Ryan has met a few rude people along the way who shut the door in his face, he finds people are genuinely receptive and interested in what he has to say. They are surprised to learn that they actually have options when it comes to Internet service. He enjoys telling people they can pay a flat $65 rate for 100MB internet service with no contracts.

Outside of work, Ryan keeps busy as a leader of a ministry for people in their 30s, and he attributes all his success to his faith in Jesus Christ.

“I never expected this to be my life but this is the life God has given me. God is the one who provides for me always,” he says.

If you want Allo service, call Ryan at 402-450-0011 or email him at ronstad@allophone.net.

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