Cupcakes and More

When you are looking for a cake vendor, visit with the vendor and try the cakes.

Believe it or not, some vendors charge for their time and for their samples. You won’t find that at Cupcakes & More, where the consultation time and the cake samples are always free.

Owner Regina Henson believes that any couple getting married should have the right to sample her product without cost, and she has a lot of weddings under her belt to show for her service.

As the name implies, Regina does more than cupcakes. She bakes traditional cakes, cake balls, cake pops and, well, more.

Now she is expanding her business by opening a shop at Gateway Mall.

Regina has long been a baker, but has owned Cupcakes & More for just a few years. Previously she worked with Time Warner Cable and did a lot of traveling. She was asked to transfer to another city for her job but she didn’t want to do that.

Influenced by her two young granddaughters who loved her baking, she decided to open a shop and bake for the public. She had visited a cupcake shop in Kansas City and her granddaughters loved going there, so she decided her shop would be a cupcake shop.

Traditional cake flavors are the traditional white and chocolate as well as red velvet, carrot and German chocolate. But the flavors go way beyond those traditional types. She has more than 300 flavors that she can bake.

Regina gives back to the community as well. She donates her baked goods to a long list of charitable organizations. She has a bulletin board in her shop at 5700 Old Cheney Road in Lincoln plastered with thank you notes.

Contact Regina at 402-261-6214, or

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