Beth Friesen of Oasis Senior Advisors

Beth Friesen’s original plan was to open a tanning salon. Instead she landed far, far from there.

Beth decided she wanted her ownBeth Friesen business, and after going to a tanning salon to prepare for a trip to Mexico she thought maybe that was it. She even had a name for her business “Republic of Tan.”

In the meantime she filled out an online survey about starting a business and got a call from a franchise broker in Texas who represented 90 different franchises. After talking to Beth, this broker came back with three different franchise opportunities. Among them was a business helping families determine the best housing for aging loved ones.

It seemed like a good fit for Beth, who is a nurse and had an experience of her own placing her mother in a skilled nursing home in the fall of 2015. She realized that it would have been a tremendous help had she known someone who could have helped in the placement of her mother.

That led to her opening a local franchise of Oasis Senior Advisors. As owner of Oasis in Lincoln, Beth works with seniors and their families when the time comes to senior placement. Her favorite part of the job is when she sees the look of relief on the faces of families when they realize they can get assistance with this chore. And not just assistance, but assistance that is free to them. Beth is paid by the senior residential community once a placement is made. 

The challenge is letting people know her services are available. Beth says 70 to 80 percent of families in this situation do not know that this type of help is available to them.

Prior to her opening the Oasis franchise, Beth worked in nursing and was an industrial injury case manager for an insurance company.

Beth is married to Billy and they have two daughters, Bailey and Lexis and one son, Landon.

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