Beth Friesen of Oasis Senior Advisors

Beth Friesen’s original plan was to open a tanning salon. Instead she landed far, far from there.

Beth decided she wanted her ownBeth Friesen business, and after going to a tanning salon to prepare for a trip to Mexico she thought maybe that was it. She even had a name for her business “Republic of Tan.”

In the meantime she filled out an online survey about starting a business and got a call from a franchise broker in Texas who represented 90 different franchises. After talking to Beth, this broker came back with three different franchise opportunities. Among them was a business helping families determine the best housing for aging loved ones.

It seemed like a good fit for Beth, who is a nurse and had an experience of her own placing her mother in a skilled nursing home in the fall of 2015. She realized that it would have been a tremendous help had she known someone who could have helped in the placement of her mother.

That led to her opening a local franchise of Oasis Senior Advisors. As owner of Oasis in Lincoln, Beth works with seniors and their families when the time comes to senior placement. Her favorite part of the job is when she sees the look of relief on the faces of families when they realize they can get assistance with this chore. And not just assistance, but assistance that is free to them. Beth is paid by the senior residential community once a placement is made. 

The challenge is letting people know her services are available. Beth says 70 to 80 percent of families in this situation do not know that this type of help is available to them.

Prior to her opening the Oasis franchise, Beth worked in nursing and was an industrial injury case manager for an insurance company.

Beth is married to Billy and they have two daughters, Bailey and Lexis and one son, Landon.

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Jodi Freeman of Roper & Sons Funeral Home

WJodi Freeman of Roper & Sonsorking in a job that involves death never something that entered Jodi Freeman’s mind. She applied for a job through a placement agency and was told she would be a perfect fit. It was then she learned that the job was at Roper’s Funeral Home.

“I didn’t even know how to respond,” Jodi says. “Death care never even crossed my radar. I practically whispered ‘with dead people?’ but agreed to at least an interview.”

Before this, Jodi had been working as a fund-raising manager with a couple of different non-profit agencies, including The Girl Scouts, since graduating from Bellevue University, but she was getting burned out.

Jodi decided to take a breather and work from home for awhile. She managed social media for several companies and was doing some website content for a friend with an Internet marketing business.

She was living in Omaha and applying for jobs there while her then boyfriend Shane lived in Lincoln. Since she wasn’t having much luck in Omaha, she decided to try applying for positions in Lincoln. One was with Nelnet and the other was the agency job that turned out to be with Roper’s.

It has turned out that Roper’s has been a great fit, and she enjoys bringing the funeral home to the community in a way that makes it less daunting. She has been in her position since 2013.

In her spare time, Jodi loves working with her three horses. Her daughter Madi is getting involved in showing horses and plans to barrel race, and has talked Jodi into trying it as well.  She recently took one of the horses to visit Southlake Village.

“I have a goal and dream of sharing our horses with those who need a horse hug from time to time,” she said.

She also supports her now husband Shane in his musical endeavors. Shane is playing with the band “On the Rocks” at large events and works on other projects with other musicians.

More information about Roper’s can be found at

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Cupcakes and More

When you are looking for a cake vendor, visit with the vendor and try the cakes.

Believe it or not, some vendors charge for their time and for their samples. You won’t find that at Cupcakes & More, where the consultation time and the cake samples are always free.

Owner Regina Henson believes that any couple getting married should have the right to sample her product without cost, and she has a lot of weddings under her belt to show for her service.

As the name implies, Regina does more than cupcakes. She bakes traditional cakes, cake balls, cake pops and, well, more.

Now she is expanding her business by opening a shop at Gateway Mall.

Regina has long been a baker, but has owned Cupcakes & More for just a few years. Previously she worked with Time Warner Cable and did a lot of traveling. She was asked to transfer to another city for her job but she didn’t want to do that.

Influenced by her two young granddaughters who loved her baking, she decided to open a shop and bake for the public. She had visited a cupcake shop in Kansas City and her granddaughters loved going there, so she decided her shop would be a cupcake shop.

Traditional cake flavors are the traditional white and chocolate as well as red velvet, carrot and German chocolate. But the flavors go way beyond those traditional types. She has more than 300 flavors that she can bake.

Regina gives back to the community as well. She donates her baked goods to a long list of charitable organizations. She has a bulletin board in her shop at 5700 Old Cheney Road in Lincoln plastered with thank you notes.

Contact Regina at 402-261-6214, or

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Ryan Onstad of ALLO Lincoln

Ryan Onstad of AlloWhen Ryan Onstad was offered a job that would have him knocking on doors, he ran the other way.

Ryan was doing sales for a roofing company and decided he hated sales. He wanted to do something else, saying he would clean floors if the pay was right.

He soon got a call from a representative of Allo who knew Ryan had lots of potential as a sales rep for the new Internet company. When told that the job would entail going door to door, “I hung up the phone.”

Ryan’s trusted friend and mentor, Dave Bonicatto, encouraged him to rethink the offer. Dave told him that he had to think of himself not as a door-to-door salesman but rather someone delivering important information to the community. So Ryan called the Allo rep back and accepted the job, and he’s been knocking on doors ever since.

He started last October, and on one of his first days he knocked on 40 doors in the pouring rain and signed one person up for Allo service. His thought was “this job sucks.” The next day he sold the service to eight, which led him to believe he could make a go of this type of work.

Through it all, Ryan has come to believe that hard work beats talent anytime. He knocks on more doors than any of Allo’s seven other sales agents, and he has signed up hundreds of Lincoln residents for Allo’s high speed Internet service, as well as some for TV and phone service. He works Monday through Saturday, starting his door knocking at about 10 a.m. and not stopping until 8 p.m.

While Ryan has met a few rude people along the way who shut the door in his face, he finds people are genuinely receptive and interested in what he has to say. They are surprised to learn that they actually have options when it comes to Internet service. He enjoys telling people they can pay a flat $65 rate for 100MB internet service with no contracts.

Outside of work, Ryan keeps busy as a leader of a ministry for people in their 30s, and he attributes all his success to his faith in Jesus Christ.

“I never expected this to be my life but this is the life God has given me. God is the one who provides for me always,” he says.

If you want Allo service, call Ryan at 402-450-0011 or email him at

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Adam Roberts of First American Payment Systems

Adam Roberts’ dream was to become a music star in Nashville. But after living in Nashville for awhile and seeing the toll it would take on his family, he changed his plans.

NowAdam Roberts of First American Payment Systems Adam is Lincoln regional manager for First American Payment Systems – a position he has held for 10 years.

Adam started his career in a family business that manufactured power systems in Denver. From there he moved to a freight company and worked in sales for two years. He had been pursuing music on the side with his band and got a chance with the freight company to transfer to Nashville.

The band dissolved when Adam moved to Nashville and he set out to make it as a solo artist. He played a variety of gigs, including some at the famed Blue Bird Café. He and his wife Melissa had just had a son, and Adam decided he no longer wanted the stress of a music career, which was proving to be a difficult challenge.

“Everyone and their dog in Nashville played guitar, and the dogs were pretty good,” he said.

After  1 ½ years in Nashville, they decided to move to Lincoln, where Melissa was from. Adam knew that he enjoyed sales, so he took a job with a credit card processing company and started making cold calls. Within three months he felt the company was making some less-than-reputable actions, so he started First American.

First American now has several hundred customers – a variety of small to large businesses. He is proud that his company can offer processing rates of less than 1 percent while other companies such as Square and PayPal are much higher. He also points out that his customers can talk to him – not someone in another state or another country. His customer service is first rate.

Adam still sings – in church. Also in his spare time he lifts weights at the YMCA and plays golf. He and Melissa have three children – Sam, 11, Anna, 9 and Will, 5.

First American can be found at

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Cathy Kottwitz of Guiderock Commercial Realty

Cathy Kottwitz of Guide Rock Commercial RealtyCathy Kottwitz can attribute her interest in commercial real estate to a class she took in college.

It was a Nebraska Wesleyan class on urban design, which made Cathy realize that she had an interest in how communities evolved. She took more classes about zoning laws and economic development and eventually was hired by an acquaintance, commercial real estate agent Bennie McCombs.

It was on that job that Cathy learned about site development and construction, thought she admits “I was as green as green could be.”

After seven years working on commercial properties with McCombs she took a job commuting from Lincoln to Omaha with World Group doing property management. Following that job, she moved to a brokerage role at Greenleaf Properties in Lincoln, where she stayed for two years.

In time Cathy had an itch to do real estate differently, and she felt she needed to go in a different direction. This feeling persuaded her to start her own company, Guiderock Commercial Realty LLC. Doing so, she admits, was terrifying.

But her shift is working out well. She has office space downtown, and she stays busy helping clients look for property to buy or rent, making market assessments and negotiating contracts. She prides herself on the ability to find properties for clients before they hit the market.

Cathy describes herself as an analytical person who loves crunching numbers. It is the research part of her job that she loves most.

In her non-working hours, Cathy is studying to get her MBA degree and also enjoys reading. She can be found at

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Di Keller of Creative Edge Monograms

Di Keller of Creative Edge Monograms

Di Keller walked into a sewing store in Lincoln one day and a business was born.

She saw the embroidery machine at Sew Creative and thought she could use it to create a new business. She had been sewing since she was a child and had been praying about her next endeavor. She brought her husband Scott to the store to look at the machine.

They decided to buy the machine and Di has been using it and others like it ever since to create a variety of embroidered textiles for her business, Creative Edge Monograms.

Before starting her business Di worked as a medical assistant as well as several part time jobs over the years. After she and Scott started their family, Di became a stay-at-home mom and did some home schooling.

Creative Edge started 10 years ago and blended Di’s interest in sewing, using computers and her creativity. The business allows her to create the design on the computer and transfer it to an embroidery machine, which stitches the design onto the garment, cap, bag, blanket, towel or whatever the customer wants done.

She started marketing her products at craft shows, then decided to join BNI on the invitation of a friend from church, Carol Adams.

In addition to embroidery, Creative Edge Monograms offers screen printing, vinyl lettering and what Di refers to as “bling” – placing jeweled-like pieces onto shirts and other items.

Scott recently retired as a statistician with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and he is now working with her full time. They have five children – Sara, Erin, Josh, Abby and Chelsea, and twelve grandchildren.

In her spare time, Di enjoys reading, putting together jigsaw puzzles, watching Husker football and going out with friends.

Her business can be found at

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Jaime Pope of Professional Choice Recovery

Jaime Pope has held many different positions in the financial services industry and has found a home with Professional Choice Recovery.

Jaime Pope of Professional Choice RecoveryProfessional Choice prides itself on integrity, compliance, doing the right thing.  Every day when Jaime arrives to the work she is greeted with a plaque that reads “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”  This is an important motto for all of us to practice on a daily basis.

Jaime appreciates working with a wide variety of clients, educating them on how to increase their recovery.  She also enjoys meeting prospective clients.

On a national platform, the collection industry averages a return in the upper teens. Professional Choice Recovery far exceeds the national average. Jaime attributes this to strong Midwestern values and a hard work ethic.

Jaime, who is from Hebron, hasn’t always worked in the collection arena. She used to be a personal banker as has also worked in a physician’s office dealing with insurance on pre-authorizations and setting up financial arrangements with patients for treatment. She realized that building relationships and helping people was a passion of hers, and she carries that passion into her current position.

Professional Choice can be found at

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