Matthew Rich of Vanderford Law

Matthew Rich of Vanderford LawMatthew Rich is studying to be a lawyer, but before that he was planning a completely different path. He was going to be a monk.

Matt, who is from Phoenix, Ariz., decided to move to Atchison, Kansas and entered a Benedictine monestary. He spent a year living the quiet life of a monk before deciding that it wasn’t the life he wanted after all.

So he left the monastery and decided on another path. He is now starting his second year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law. He chose the legal profession because he thought he might be good at it, and his father encouraged him.

He chose UNL because his favorite book while growing up was set in Nebraska, “My Antonia.” Also, his sister attended school in Kansas so he had family nearby.

Before moving to Nebraska and while still in Kansas he met Brianna, who recently became his wife. She was living in Albuquerque, and they dated long distance while he attended school in Lincoln and she worked in New Mexico in the field of communications.

Matt joined Vanderford Law as a law clerk in mid-May after sending out some resumes for clerk jobs. Christine Vanderford was the only attorney to contact him. Christine encouraged Matt to join BNI, and he says he has enjoyed meeting people outside the law school environment. He has made his mark in BNI by telling a lawyer joke during his manager moment.

“I decided my speeches were pretty boring so I decided to tell a joke,” he said.

In his spare time Matt likes to read, exercise at the student recreation area and play golf.

Vanderford law can be found at

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Guardian Angels provides help when needed

Kris at Guardian AngelsSometimes adults need some extra help at home. Maybe they are senior citizens who need help taking a shower or using the bathroom. Maybe they are a younger adult with some type of limitation and need help at home.

That is where Guardian Angels steps in. Guardian Angels is a service that provides non-medical assistance to those needing it in their homes or wherever they may be living. Kris Beckenbach is the director of Guardian Angels.

“Any adult can utilize our services,” she said, adding that current clients range from 27 to 98 and anyone over 18 can receive assistance from Guardian Angels.

Kris was working with the University of Nebraska for 18 years and was between jobs when she learned that Guardian Angels was looking for a director. Owner Tony Fulton was working as a state senator and didn’t have time to manage the day-to-day operations.

Kris stepped in and worked with the agency for four years, then left for other opportunities. She worked for Bridge to Better Living, was resident manager at Savannah Pines and held positions with the state Legislature.

She returned to Guardian Angels a year ago. Her responsibilities include marketing and overseeing growth.

Working with seniors isn’t necessarily what Kris had planned. She wanted to be a high school vocal music teacher but saw that educational budgets for music were being cut, so she shifted gears.

It is easy to see that Kris loves her job. One of her favorite parts is being a resource for families in need. She loves meeting families and is thoroughly enjoying a new radio show on KFOR in which she gets to promote Guardian Angels every Sunday morning.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her grandchildren, ages 10, 9 and 2. She is director of women’s ministries at Middlecross Church and speaks on occasion for Stonecroft Ministries.

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Pinnacle Bank’s Jeff Pippitt helps with mortgages

Jeff Pippitt of Pinnacle Bank Jeff Pippitt was good with numbers, so he figured a career in the banking industry was as good as anything.

He initially thought firefighting would be an attractive occupation, but discovered that was a difficult field to break into.

“I thought going out of high school about banking or insurance,” he said,. “I always liked numbers and was good at math.”

So after high school he got an associate’s degree in banking and insurance and his bachelor’s degree from Bellevue University in business. Though a native of Wayne, he decided after graduating that Lincoln was the place he wanted to be. He had friends in Lincoln, and one of them told him about a bank teller’s job at Pinnacle Bank.

He took the job in 2004 and worked for a year as a teller — a position he enjoyed. Then he became a personal banker for a year, helping customers with new account, and after that started in the loan department. He became a consumer loan officer in 2011 and now as assistant vice president focuses on new mortgage loans, mortgage refinances and home equity loans.

Jeff loves working for Pinnacle Bank and calls his boss “the nicest guy ever.” His favorite part of the job is helping people get into homes they love.

The job also includes challenges, such as dealing with federal regulations that make getting a loan take longer and requires dealing with more people.l

His most memorable job experience was his very first mortgage loan, in which parents co-signed and signatures from four borrowers were needed on the paperwork.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys golf and running — an activity he takes part in five to six times a week. He’s also involved with his children’s activities. He and his wife, Kylie, have three daughters, Raya, 6, Eastyn, 2 and Shay, 5 months.

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Jim Austin celebrates 20 years at Home Real Estate

James Austin is hitting a milestone this year that many people do not reach. In an age where people move from one company to another, Jim will celebrate 20 years with Home Real Estate this SepteJim Austin, Home Real Estatember.

Jim started his residential real estate career in 1997 after several other jobs that didn’t feel like a worthy fit. He isn’t really even sure what prompted the real estate bug, other than he enjoyed looking at homes and he knew it was something that he could do well into his 60’s and 70’s.

Jim, who is originally from Seward, majored in broadcast journalism and worked a short time at KOLN TV in Lincoln, mainly part time behind the camera. But in time the TV job didn’t feel like a good fit either.

So he moved to real estate, and like many beginning realtors struggled a bit in the first few months but knew this was something he enjoyed and each day was an adventure. His business built through the years, and last year was his best year ever with $8 million worth of sales.

Jim’s wife Juli joined her husband in the business in 2001 and together work as a couple in real estate.

Jim most enjoys the variety in his work.

“I like always learning something new,” he said. “Every transaction is different. It’s fun and fulfilling helping people get into homes.”

Jim has seen tremendous changes in real estate in the last 20 years. When he started, realtors had to look through a bound book for homes for sale. Shortly after that homes could be found on computers, but the way in which that was done changed several times.

Some of the biggest changes in the real estate industry have been more recent with the growth of websites like Zillow. Homebuyers increasingly are looking at houses on their own now before enlisting the help of a real estate agent.

One of the biggest challenges he and other Realtors are experiencing now is the shortage of homes for sale, which puts a lot of stress on agents. Jim increasingly sees houses get multiple offers — something that he used to see only once or twice a year.

When he isn’t working his business, Jim enjoys playing basketball and golf. He plays a pickup game of basketball once or twice a week.

He and Juli have three sons — Chase, 18, Mason, 17, and Marshall, 15. Jim can be reached through his website at

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Lincoln Orthodontics takes on movie theme

When you walk into Lincoln Orthodontics, you may think you have taken a wrong turn and entered a movie theater.

That’s because the orthodontics office has taken on the theme of movies. Everywhere you look there are movie posters, photos of movie stars and even a small theater room.

“The patients – and their parents and siblings – love the office movie theme, said Dr. Emily Willett, one of the two orthodontists in the office. “We always have such compliments from our families.”

Lincoln Orthodontics is the new name of the former Harre Orthodontics, which was established in 1995. Willett joined the practice this last January and the name of the practice was changed.

While the name of the office has changed, the movie theme will stay put, she said.

“It’s just too fun and makes the office an exciting place,” Dr. Willett said.

The office features new movie and does contests for patients and their families to win tickets to see shows as a family. Team members chat about the movie playing in the office movie theater and on the TV above each patient treatment hair.

Dr. Paula Harre had been a general dentist in Broken Bow for nearly a decade before specializing in orthodontics at the College of Dentistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After she graduated she started Harre Orthodontics, which was originally at 33rd Street and Pioneers Boulevard before moving to its current location at 6825 S 27th St., Ste. 202.

Lincoln Orthodontics provides specialist orthodontic care for children, teens and adults. Orthodontists complete dental school then take an additional 2 ½ years of specialized residency in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

“We are happy to be a small business sin the heart of south Lincoln,” Willett says. The business has 12 employees, including college interns who are aspiring dentists.

“We are dedicated to providing the highest level of orthodontic care in an environment that is comfortable, inviting, and friendly. We hold ourselves to the highest standard for patient care and service and are thankful to be trusted to take care of smiles under construction!”

The name was changed to reflect the business’s commitment to the community, and the practice is continually looking for more opportunities to give back to the community, Dr. Willett said.

Lincoln Orthodontics can be reached at

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Nebraska Nursing Consultants helps clients at home

Nebraska Nursing ConsultantsCarol McShane has taken her 50-plus year career in nursing and created somewhat of a unique business with it.

Nebraska Nursing Consultants is one of only two companies in Nebraska that has registered nurses providing care to clients their own patients.

Some of the services provided by Nebraska Nursing Consultants include:

  • Going to the doctor with a client to ensure that the right care and medications are being given.
  • Meeting with clients to assess and make recommendations about their health needs. This can include in-home safety assessments, exploring options about various treatment options, evaluating in-home helpers, relocating a patient to assisted living or nursing home.
  • Providing care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The nurses are on call and will respond when needed.
  • Providing regular or occasional nurse visits at home to ensure a client is getting the necessary care.

Also offered is a program called Feet First, in which the nurses provide gentle, professional foot care including examining feet, trimming nails, smoothing callouses and rough spots and massaging feet.

Carol, who grew up in Hartford, Conn., started her nursing career in 1962. She and her husband moved to Lincoln after he finished graduate school and got a position as an English professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Carol worked in a variety of nursing positions, including 26 years in home health and hospice care. She started Nebraska Nursing Consultants in 1991 because she found health care was disjointed and people needed someone to help them navigate it. She wanted to work with people and ensure that they were able to be in control of their lives.

Some of the major reasons people call Nebraska Nursing Consultants include: the client has no family in town, has a chronic illness, and is determined to stay at home.

Nebraska Nursing Consultants is not affiliated with any medical offices, and each client has a specific nurse that handles his or her care. The company can be reached at

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Lori Black shoots for Moments in Time Images

Lori Black started taking photos in high school. Photography was such a passion that she even had a darkroom put in the basement of her parent’s house. She worked in the darkroom developing film and using old-fashioned photo enlargers to print black and white photos in trays of solution.

That was a long time ago, and photography has come a long ways since then. Now Lori operates Moments in Time Images and MIT Images 360 – two sister companies that have cameras in common.

While Lori started photography in high school, it wasn’t a field she continued in until much later in life. Lori attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and majored in journalism. After graduation, she worked as a reporter for the Columbus Telegram, then later became a writer and Nebraska state editor for United Press International.

Later, she moved to Wisconsin to be assistant director of public relations for Carroll College in Waukesha. Soon after she moved back to UPI in Milwaukee, then to the Waukesha Freeman newspaper.

After nearly 10 years in Wisconsin, Lori decided to move back home to Lincoln to be closer to family and started working for the University of Nebraska doing writing and editing. Later, she became a real estate agent and quit her day job to pursue real estate.

During this time Lori decided to join her brother in a business venture called Moments in Time Video. They started videotaping weddings, and later Lori decided to return to photography and make Moments in Time a full-fledged photo and videography business.

MIT Images 360 branched off when Lori began pursuing Google Streetview virtual tours of business interiors.

In her spare time, Lori walks her two dogs and works out at the gym. She cut back on her writing but still puts together pet column every other month for L Magazine in Lincoln. She is married to Tony, a teacher at Park Middle School.

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Taylor Steger has his Eyes on Lincoln

When time came to choose a career, Taylor Steger knew he wanted to help people.

“I started going through my options when I was young,” he said. “I wanted to work with people and saw optometry as a way to do that.”

That revelation came early, even while growing up in North Platte. After he graduated, he moved to Lincoln to major in biology at the University of Nebraska. After that came four years of optometry school at Indiana University and a year of residency in Fayetteville, Ark.

When Taylor finished his residency, he decided Lincoln was the best place for him. It was close to home – bigger than North Platte but not as big as Omaha. And he found Lincoln changed significantly from his days in undergraduate school and offered a lot of amenities for a young person.

He started his career at Nebraska Eye Institute, then later moved to Eyes on Lincoln, where he is now employed. He also works for Senior Vision Services, which provides eye care to residents of skilled nursing facilities.

Taylor likes optometry because it allows him to help people while being a low-stress occupation and good working hours.

In his non-working hours, Taylor loves to play golf. He is a member of Firethorn Golf Club and participates in tournaments throughout the year. In the winter, Taylor enjoys hunting.

He lives in downtown Lincoln and enjoys the activities there and the opportunity to walk to restaurants.

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Dan Megrue finds success with A&D Auto-Truck Service


Dan Megrue expected to be working in the telecommunications field for his entire career. Changes in the industry, however, made him take another path.

That path led him to A&D Auto-Truck Service, which has been in operation nearly 11 years.  A&D, found at, offers auto, truck, RV and trailer diagnosis and repairs.

Dan started his career installing telecommunications equipment for companies like Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph. He traveled extensively around the country doing installations, and from start to finish worked in the industry for 20 years.

“I figured that would be my career,” Dan says, but changes in management and corporate policies “took the fun out of it.”

So he quit and did nothing for six months, saying he was in “temporary retirement.”

Then he got word that the owner of A&D was selling, and since Dan had a basic knowledge of cars he bought the business in 2006. He underwent some training and later hired two employees. The business was named after the former two owners – Alica and Doyle – but Dan decided to keep the name, in part because he didn’t want to spend money on a new sign. A&D has been in existence in total for about 40 year.

His favorite part of the job is figuring out the solutions to problems with vehicles and helping people with those problems.

In his spare time, Dan likes to watch college football, listen to music and ride motorcycles. He has two of them – a Harley and a Suzuki.

Dan has been in BNI for 11 years, starting as a sub for the previous owner of A&D. He says it has been a great boon to his business.

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Chad Klein seeks to build Capriotti’s

Chad Klein was used to working in restaurants, but the sandwich business was quite unlike anything he had ever done.

Chad lived in Palmer in central Nebraska and worked at the Red Lobster restaurant in Grand Island as a server. When he got the chance to move into management if he moved to Lincoln, he took the leap. He came to Lincoln and worked in a variety of managerial positions at Lincoln’s Red Lobster.

After 13 year with Red Lobster, he was ready for a change. He read about a new position as area manager for a new sandwich shop coming into Lincoln and applied. It was three months before he was hired. He went to Las Vegas, home of Capriotti’s, and trained for a month. He then oversaw the opening of Capriotti’s at 27th Street and Old Cheney Road in Lincoln – the chain’s first Nebraska restaurant.

The Capriotti’s franchise is looking for rapid growth, Chad says. There are now 135 restaurants and the chain wants to more than double that number by 2020.

When Chad took the job, he liked the idea of building a new business from the ground up. But he soon found that the sandwich shop business was totally different than the restaurant business. He is doing many more tasks than he ever suspected, from making and serving sandwiches to marketing to coaching employees to running the business.

“I didn’t realize how much was involved, but it’s been fantastic,” he said.

Chad serves as operations manager for Capriotti’s and in essence is the acting general manager. While he is not the owner, he makes key decisions for the restaurant. One of his favorite things to do is charity work – he recently provided and served food for Matt Talbot Kitchen in Lincoln.

Chad is married to Yvette and they have three children – Bryson, 16, Breann, 15, and Skylie, 11. More information about Capriottis can be found at



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